The 2021/22 season is ON HOLD due to school board not approving gym-use applications.  We will update Facebook as we know more.  Those on the waitlist will receive invitations after the club re-opens and we determine if space is available.

Cancellation Dates – See the calendar of events for cancellations and other important dates or click here to import the calendar.

Players Wheel – The name at the top of the wheel selects the next game. Choose any players you wish to play with and put your game on the next reserved position or available court. Take charge to ensure you get game you want to play.

Shirts and other apparel – custom branded with club logo

Badminton Canada Website – includes news, rules, national rankings, tournaments, camps, jobs and Canada’s top badminton athletes

Ontario Badminton Website –  includes rankings, where to play, calendar of events and other resources